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Sugar Myths and Facts

Updated: May 20, 2020

So what DOES sugar actually do to you?

Even small amounts of sugar cause a negative impact on the body. Did you know that just one tin of coke, fanta or similar gassy drink contains 13 tsps of sugar. On top of that, most of the processed foods on our supermarket shelves contain sugar for preserving or taste and it’s in all confectionary. Also, foods that turn to sugar/glucose, such as alcohol, corn syrup, honey (in excess), white flour products etc. are just as bad. The over consumption of sugar has been linked to diabetes, obesity, inflammatory related pain etc.

What does sugar disrupt in the body?

1. Sugar is addictive. By adding sugar to processed foods, we build up child addictions to it and the manufacturer is assured of getting more sales. We are the only species who think we are ‘kind’ by poisoning our children with bad food choices.

2. Sugar creates acidity and pain in the body. Acidity creates inflammation and pain. All those suffering from arthritis, gout and muscle pain, such as fibromyalgia, lupus should not be indulging!

3. Sugar robs oxygen. As a result of the acidity, oxygen is depleted. Sports people using glucose and sugar based goos and sports drinks for short term ‘energy’ eventually become depleted in oxygen and energy and brain fuel.

4. Sugar robs magnesium and other minerals. The acid environment created also robs magnesium, chromium and other important minerals. Magnesium is needed to convert glucose to energy and to maintain the correct pH balance of the blood. Chromium is needed to balance blood sugar and insulin.

5. Sugar robs energy and causes chronic fatigue. Because over indulgence of sweets, biscuits, chocolates, robs magnesium and energy it causes Chronic Fatigue and tremors (hands shaking).

6. Sugar suppresses the immune system. White blood cells are suppressed for 2-3 hours after sugar ingestion, making you more prone to catching opportunistic viruses and pathogens. Also the good flora in the gut and body is destroyed.

7. Sugar feeds pathogens and triggers autoimmune diseases. Sugar kills the good gut flora which is responsible for keeping down pathogen. Pathogens such as candida, parasites, bacteria and viruses which are fed and increased in the blood from sugar intake, acidity and lack of flora, and cause the immune system to overreact, which in the long term contributes to many auto-immune related diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, Fibromyalgia etc.

8. Sugar damages the brain. Sugar forms toxic compounds (called advanced glycation end products – AGE’s) which peak blood sugars and coats proteins damaging them. Long term use leads to artery and brain and eye damage, which in turn decreases circulation to the brain causing less supply of valuable nutrients. These AGE’s may be a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Sugar ages you. These AGE’s also age the body, cause more wrinkles and break down muscle tissue.

10. Sugar causes blood sugar related diseases. Hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance and diabetes are diseases that rob good health and vitality and can be debilitating.

11. Sugar raises the risk of osteoporosis. The raised acidity and depletion of magnesium and other vital minerals triggers the body to pull these minerals from the bone into the blood stream (in an effort to alkaline the blood) causing osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and calcifications (kidney stones, frozen shoulders, spurs etc.)

12. Sugar causes muscle atrophy. Excess glucose breaks down muscle tissue and causes deterioration to the nerves, eyes and kidneys etc (which so many diabetics suffer from).

13. Sugar causes fatty liver and obesity. All sugar gets converted to glucose and excess glucose is store as fat (the Visceral fat that is packed around your waist and around your liver, which later may lead to hardening of the liver (or cirrhosis of the liver).

14. Sugar causes hormone imbalances and excess carbohydrates and sugar cause glucose, insulin resistance, and blood sugar imbalances which disrupt hormones, causing cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome , Endometriosis etc.

15. Sugar feeds CANCER. The biggest reason. We all have some cancer cells. Cancer needs glucose to live and cannot live without it. Don’t feed cancer cells.

16. Dont’ forget, foods that turn to glucose do the same, such as alcohol, chocs, sports drinks, refined white flour products etc.

There are many good alternatives to sugar (not artificial sweeteners please), such as Erythritol, Xylitol (should be from Sweet Birch), raw coconut sugar, raw Agave syrup or raw honey (in moderation of course). Artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancerous tumors and weight gain.

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