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Screening, nutritional guidance and lifestyle planning. Helps you to attain and maintain optimal health

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(Magnetic Resonance Analyser)

Scans the entire body in about 10 minutes and gives a very thorough idea of health issues

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​Blood analysis identifies the overall health and nutritional condition of the body

Health Consultations

True health starts with the knowledge of what you can do better for your own individual body and mind in order to obtain higher health or overcome a disease or debilitating illness.  The body has an innate healing capacity, and given the means, it can overcome almost every health challenge.

My task is to analyse your body’s needs and problems, then instruct and educate you how to make lifestyle and nutritional changes, as well as using natural, but potent medicines and herbals to coax your body into its natural healthy, holistic wholeness. 

To this end, we use questionnaires and screening methods such as live blood analysis (on-site only) and/or the BodySonic MRA scanning equipment (on site or remote) to ascertain your particular problems, so that we can put together a health plan and treatment, tailored for you.  Sometimes pathology tests are also required.

Whilst our recommendations will assist with the symptoms, our real objective is to find the cause of the problem and treat that, so that you have a long lasting effect and can continue to keep your health on top. 

We do not sell products, but everything we suggest will be natural and non-invasive.  However, in order to attain true health, the body needs to rid itself of the many toxins (environmental and in foods), as well as invasive pathogens, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals/chemicals etc, in order to function properly. 

This often means that initially, as we work, you may experience an uncomfortable detox effect, as the pathogens and chemicals leave the body through the various elimination organs.  Please note that this is a normal, and often desirable effect, and will pass when the worst has been eliminated.  Side effects may cause headaches, mild skin rashes, fatigue, thirst, loose bowels etc. Once this is achieved, so many people are overjoyed with their newfound energy and wellbeing. 

Body Sonic - Magnetic Resonance Analyser

The MRA is a very comprehensive scan, using frequencies scanning to trace further vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, all pathogens, to identify parasites, funguses, bacteria and viral infections, heavy metal toxicity, health of all the organs, such cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal, liver, lung and kidney function, brain response, bone density, blood sugar, cholesterol and body fat, hormone imbalances and immune function as well as nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances.  Treatments for certain ailments, such as difficult to eradicate viruses, parasites and MRI bacterial infections, digestive and autoimmune issues can then treated on the Bioresonance or Rife machine to enhance performance.

Our treatment is geared towards detoxing, eradicating pathogens, correcting the natural balance of good flora and immune function, as well as any nutrient deficiencies. This will usually also incorporate dietary changes and life style adjustments where necessary.

The cost of an initial consultation for both is R950, which can take up to one and a half hours.  If further consultations are needed the charge is R500 up to 30 minutes, or R750 for 30-60 minutes. Cost of the Rife treatments is R150 per session for about one hour (time dependent on type of treatment programme). 1-10 treatments may be needed, depending on severity.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is also known as nutritional microscopy. It is a very intriguing science that deals with root causes and prevention rather than treating symptoms. Blood analysis looks at the terrain, identifying the overall health and nutritional condition of the body.

From a single drop of blood examined under a very high powered microscope and captured on a camera, you are able to observe your blood live and moving on a video screen. With the help of a qualified Natural Health Practitioner you will be able to observe the vitality and the activity of the cells by identifying red blood cells, white blood cells and immune function, platelets, digestion, bacterial, fungal and parasite activity, as well as nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Blood analysis is not diagnostic, but more a screening method which looks at the imbalances and pH levels in your blood which can lead to disease. Using this information, we can also determine which pathology tests may be needed for accurate assessment.

With the dried sample metabolic waste and free radical damage is assessed. This cell waste is a major contributor to nearly all disease including: Early Degenerative Disease, Alzheimers, MS, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and Cancer. Increased stress and busyness in our lifestyle impairs the removal of excess toxicity from our body. By analyzing the blood, one is able to recommend specific nutrition and lifestyle choices. This eliminates the guess work in the maze of vitamins, minerals, detoxification programs, etc. Good health and healing must happen from the inside out.

What does live blood analysis involve? A few drops of capillary blood are obtained from your fingertip using a sterile lancet. This is placed on a slide covered with a cover slip to protect it from the outside elements. Your blood is then examined immediately under a very high powered microscope and the results are captured on camera, enabling you to view your live blood – still interacting and moving around – on a video screen, with the help of a qualified Natural Medicine Practitioner.

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Live Blood Analysis
Health Consultations
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